Tres Fases

Adobe Illustrator, Paint, Wall

This mural depicts mascaras adorned with the face masks that are now part of our daily routine during the pandemic. It is modeled after a Fragment of an anthropomorphic brazier found at Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Arte, UNAM, Mexico City. This reimagining represents the people that we see in our communities and evokes Chicana/o/x art tropes using my signature style. The mascaras not only symbolize the phases of our future, our present, our past, but also centers blackness and peels the layers of whiteness back. 
Photo by Sara Villa-Gomez
Video documenting mural making process for Tres Fases.

It takes a community to paint a mural.

“As Chicanos, Mexican-Americans and Latinxs, we don't get to put up giant bronze monuments of our heroes as we please... our monuments are our murals!”

-Justin Favela
Video shot by Justin Favela
Polaroid progress shots for "Tres Fases" mural at Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art
Taken on vintage Polaroid Sun 600 LMS using Polaroid 600 color frames film
Collection of Masks: Conejo, Jaguar, Murciélago, y Pescado

Illustrator, outsourced for production

These masks were designed by me and outsourced for production during the COVID-19 pandemic. Much like the masks that were displayed in the museum's walls before, they show animal-like features. Different motifs from various sources were used as inspiration for these designs to create something that everyone can relate to.