Nuestras Máscaras
Acrylic paint, POSCA markers on community center wall
East Las Vegas Community Center for the City of Las Vegas
This piece depicts joyful colors and characters that I got the opportunity to place in the neighborhood where I grew up. The title alludes to the identities of Chicana/e/o/x and other Latina/e/o/x people that might see themselves in my work. While creating this work with friends and community, I noticed that many stories were being shared; some were deep and personal and some were plain chisme. This gave the mural a new energy and made the narrative of community much stronger, not only in its representation, but also in its creation.
Sara Villa-Gomez
Jennifer Gonzalez
Osbaldo Nuñez
Étienne Blue
Whitney McCaw
Emmanuel Muñoz
Oona Robertson
Haide Callejas Lazaro
Lille Allen
Jas Margarita
James the coder
Erika Abad
Sarahi Horta
Axel Alameda
Melissa Ramirez
Tamara Hudson
Justin Favela
Georgina Zacari
+ East Las Vegas Community Center staff

Photo by Anny Ayala